Status update, september 2019

I’m going to add status updates to the blog every month, so I force myself to complete tasks, projects and other stuff, and share the progress here.

I’m starting to look for e-mail providers beyond Google or ProtonMail. As a privacy-conscius individual, I still don’t like having my personal e-mail in Gmail, even knowing that small-medium e-mail providers can be shutdown any moment, and self-hosting my own e-mail requires a fair amount of time to maintain and I don’t have it right now, maybe in a future…

I have some requirements to choose one:

  • Privacy first, preferably Europe-based.
  • Compilant with standard protocols (IMAP and SMTP).
  • Possibility of GPG encryption (altough I prefer to hold my keys).
  • Custom domain support and multi-account.
  • OTP support.

For now, is my choice. I paid one month and am testing the whole service right now. I’m still dealing with having multiple aliases, though.

About my programming progress, I started doing stuff in Go. I find Go as the language between C and a high-level programming language: fast, “easy” and cross-platform, without the hard parts of C (even it has pointers and such stuff). I still have planned to go back to C, because I like it more, but I try to have time for both of them.

I got a project called TwootBot (the code will be open as soon as I finish a couple of things). This projects take the last entry of an RSS feed and put a tweet. Since I don’t use Twitter anymore, I have a couple of things to do with this:

  • Check if it still works with Twitter for people who uses it.
  • Include the Mastodon API, so Mastodon and Pleroma users can use it too.
  • Add a TUI and a cli interface to see data such as the last post published and other stuff (the TUI is for learning purposes and I’d like to give it a try).

I also started doing more Android development (application level, not the operating system, for now). I’m looking for a new job and got some recomendations to learn new stuff that looks really promising (although some of them are Google-related, but it’s a company’s project, I cannot change that).

And, for know, I think this is enough to the first status update.

Thank you for keep reading to the end!