Status update, October 2019

on captainepoch's log

Last month I wrote a post about an status update about my progress in my tasks. I have been able to complete some tasks, but not every one of them.

First of all, I am almost finished about testing But the aliases system for having multiple mail addresses does not fit my necessities. I am looking for something like, but without the outgoing quota, and I think that leads me to self-hosting my email. I am still looking, so I have hope.

As my main job is Android development (I am still too new in this world), I also learnt about the MVP and MVVP patterns for software arquitecture. They are new for me. I see diferences between MVP, MVVM and MVC, but not too many as I imagined. I also learnt about Dagger and Retrofit, which are equally interesting projects I did not know about.

As far as my Go experience, it is still the same, I did not have any time this past month to get a deeper look into it, so I am keeping that for the next month.

Thank you for keep reading to the end!