Status update, May 2020

on captainepoch's log

Welp… Another month since my last status update. I published three small opinion things here, which if you read, I hope you enjoyed it. I intend to keep this blog about technical stuff I find important or for something I learnt by fixing something… I will try to keep politics off as much as possible.

I planed a little revamp in the blog’s style. Updating Hugo seems to make this theme broken, so I am going to modify another theme I found to match my style and I hope to have it ready in a couple of weeks. I also intend to revamp my personal website’s style, it is a bit old (and some pages dissapeared because the info was outdated and needed a bit of a renewal).

I started a couple of projects, like a said before. One of them is an Android architecture based on MVVM. I know there is a lot of them out there, but it is not the same that doing one yourself and learning about the process and the decisions.

This Android base architecture will be compilable using builds of sourcehut. The build config file will be based in the post Sourcehut Android Gradle Continuous Integration, written by Anjan. I might have to modify the file to adapt for what I want to do, but otherwise, that is the file’s origin.

In the mean time, I am making a couple of projects to earn some extra money. One of them is a mix of Qt + PySide2, which is a strange mix of GUI and back-end code, but I am liking it. I might write something about my experience with this. I only did a project with GUI, and it was in Windows with C# (pretty easy, to be honest). I think I have the source code still at my computer, so I might publish it for the sake of archiving it in some place, but it stopped working a long time ago.

You can find me at Freenode with the handle captainepoch or at