Status update, July 2020

on captainepoch's log

Last month I was not available to make a status update. Because I did not have anything to talk about, to be honest.

During june I went doing some stuff I had in my big to-do list. The first one was the new theme of the blog. I use Hugo for generating this blog. It is a static site. I was also using an outdated version of it, so I updated to the latest one available at the moment of making the new theme (0.73.0), and now everything is new! The theme is called simple-style. The original one is made by Linlin Yan. This one is publised at

In the may 2020 status update I talked about an Android architecture I was making. I deleted the whole project by mistake (I did not have any copy of it), but I did not take it bad. In fact, I renew a few things after a bit of research, and now I made another one with a better organization of files and classes. I think I will be making a few technical articles about why I choose the way I do things, but it is only in my mind right now. I am new at this, and my experience making architectures is about zero (although I have been working with a few ones to understand them). The whole project will be open at some point, but for now, it is going to remaing closed.

The other project I did something is ServerProxy. It’s an Android library that, and I quote:

ServerProxy is a Android library for creating proxy servers to serve files.

It’s used in DSub, an Android application to stream music from Subsonic servers (or music servers with the Subsonic API implementation). I use it, and I wanted to update the application a little bit, fix some bugs, and in general, revamp the development of it. I already made the first change, which is changing the library to something buildable with You can take a look at the builds logs at The DSub application will follow once I finish evaluating if it needs to be started from scratch or it can be maintainable as it is.

On more miscelaneous news, I started using VSCodium as my main editor. I used to use emacs, but I spent more time setting it up than using it as an editor, and right now, I need one easy to setup and ready to use as fast as possible. I am going back to Emacs someday because I loved the experience while using it, but when I have time to set it up properly.

Also, I am moving from GitHub to I am still considering if self-hosting an email service is worth it or not (I never did it, but I self-host a lot of things right now and know the burden of it). When I have my email with my own domain I can start contributing and such stuff using git send-email. If you are new in that world, check Drew DeVault’s for getting started.

That is it for now. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you stay safe out there. See you next month!