Status update, September 2020

on captainepoch's log


The past month was a static one. It did not happen anything worth writing in a blog post, nor did I something worth writing here.

This month, however, happen to be one in which I got a new job as Android developer. I like it, I am really comfortable in the environment, I am learning new stuff I did not know before, so I am happy.

This past two weeks I have been looking for contribute to an Open Source project in my little spare time. It does not have to be a huge project, a small one would be fine, and preferably, one I use every day and know how it works, so I can be more comfortable going into without feeling overwhelmed. Even doing bugfixing would be nice. I do not really contribute to Open Source, my commit history on GitHub or my apperance on SourceHut’s mailists are almost null (regarding patches). It is something I am still looking for doing, so I will write here when it happens!

At september 4rd Drew DeVault hosted an open conversation about the future of SourceHut, and let us ask questions about everything he said (although most of the questions went to the new billing conditions). As he said, he host another one at septiember 16th, so if you are reading this and are an user of SourceHut, I strongly recommend you to join it, it was really fun! And also It was an oportunity to participate in the project which takes seriously the principle of being open with the userbase.

And that is all I have to talk this month, see you!