Status update, October 2020

on captainepoch's log

Hello there!

This october has been a rather busy month. I have been making plans for unifying all my websites into one (it is already done if you are reading this), an Android project that I will talk about in future posts.

The main thing of this post is that I do not have a subdomain anymore. From now on, will be my website (blog, contact section, license, etc.). So, if you have my feed in your RSS reader, please point it to the new link:

As you can see (if you ever visited my blog), I changed the theme again. I felt the other I was using was not really good for my personal style, and I did some changes in order of making it a bit modern. It is updated to use the latest version of hugo (0.76.5 as this post is published). The code of the theme is at

The domain change, the theme and other stuff is thanks to a couple of friends, one of them is an anon, but the other is Rafa, who helped me testing everything and giving me a couple of points for improving a couple of things.

Another thing I am trying to make is to write more. I only wrote a post a month, and that is the status update, but I feel I can write more about other topics (not necessarily engineering-specific, as It was intended from the start of this blog and I never did it).

I have been learning my way into the Android development world lately, not only the basics but also in an architectural level. It is not an easy topic, as you have a very limited amount of resources in a phone. I have been in contact with a person called Gabor Varadi (aka Zhuinden). I asked him a lot of stuff (because he is really a good guy and explains the stuff I ask for in a very concise and clear way). From here, I wanted to thank him very much for his time and patience, and I hope to keep in touch with him for a long time!

Along the lines of Android development, I am also making a little project I want to open source as soon as I feel it is ready. Part of making it is to have a base to get started making Android applications, but the other part is for people to use it, modify it, even contribute to improve it.

I am still looking for an email provider. Migadu or Mailbox are good, but they don’t meet my expectations. I do not discard the idea of self-host with OpenBSD or Alpine Linux (if possible). If you know a new one, please, write to me at my Mastodon account Also, if that email provider meets Drew DeVault’s email criteria1, please write him an email at sir (at) cmpwn (dot) com, he might not know it and want to check it out for further recommendations.

If I add reading comics, books, and watching TV shows and movies to this, I have been a bit busy (more thinking than doing things, but in the end, I did not stop).

I will see you in the next status update!

PS.: comments will be open in a public inbox as soon as I got an email address with my subdomain.

  1. Drew’s Mastodon post about email recommendations. ↩︎