Satus update, november 2020


This month has been a normal one. I didn’t have many things to do so I pretty much started working on organizing my stuff at home, so my room isn’t a mess.

Apart from that, the most important thing that happened this month is the announcement of Drew DeVault closing his Mastodon instance, forever (I don’t know if he’s going to be in another Pleroma/Mastodon instance). I have an account there because I couldn’t follow him from my old [][mastsoc-index] instance, and he offered me one without hesitate. So, from here, I want to thank him for the time in the cmpwn instance!

Due to the closing of his instance, I migrated to a new one, property of Amolith. The new one is hosted at the NixNet Services offered by him. I barely exchanged words with him, but the few times I talked with him he’s an amazing person, so follow him at his account. By the way, my new Fedi account is My old account is already locked and pointing to the new one, and soon to be deleted. I might open all my toots from somewhere in the future, as an archive, I don’t know.

Apart from that, I wanted to do a bit of stuff with Go, and one of the things I wanted to make is to have local packages (like Java and Python). I know Go isn’t designed to work like that, but in fact, it’s possible to make them. I somehow figured how with the help of lyntsune, and I might write how it works (Go devs: I know Go isn’t designed for that, but sometimes, people don’t want to have a few Open Source projects, and the $GOPATH way to work is a damn mess).

I’ll see you in the next status update!