Status update, February 2021

on captainepoch's log

Howdy, y’all!

December and january did not deserve a status update. I did not do anything that was worth mentioning, and also, I prefered to enjoy more time not looking at another screen after work.

In the middle of january I started to feel some preasure about working in a side project for Android, because I believe that working on a project is a great way of learning new stuff (also, you have a project on your own!). So I started to look for ideas and I found one. For now I have only the skeleton, but I hope to release an alpha before summer (because I suck badly at UI/UX). This project will be open source at some point, but not during the initial development phase.

This project is not only for learning new stuff, but also for improving what I already now. There is always room for improvement, as a rule for life.

In the mean time, I am also waking my lazy ass up to start working out somehow. With coronavirus out there, I do not want to risk anything, so I am doing it at home. Since I spend a lot of time sit in a chair, I think it is necessary to move the body a bit to stay healthy.

This year I also thought about making, at least, 12 blogposts. I am behind by one (january status), but I will compensate through the year. The idea is not to do only statuses, but also to write about topics I find interesting enough (or feel comfortable enough to talk publicly and in english). Maybe I start writting about Android development, or Go development, or about privacy topics, I do not know, but something I feel is worth writting.

I said the same last year, but for unrelated some reasons, I was not able to acomplish that milestone.

I am also planning to publish my website in spanish too. I have a few readers in my life that I would like to share this, but do not know any english at all, so writting the post in both languages would be a nice feature. It will be done by this year (I hope), and I intend to keep it always in both languages (but I will try to write everything first in english, so I can keep improving my knowledge and use of the language).

That would be all, see you in the next status!