Status update, April 2021

on captainepoch's log


I have been thinking if writing this status update was worth it, because I was lazy this past two months and I did not do anything worth mentioning here.

After reading this article about Python and virtualenvs, I have been trying another way to isolate my projects’ dependencies. I tried the combination pyenv + virtualenv, but I did not know about the PEP standards defined into Python itself. So I also started to take a look at pdm.

Outside of the development world, it is been more than two months since I quitted WhatsApp. Nothing really changed, I did not use that much at that point of my life, so I only had a couple of days of “anxiety” thinking about how I will get in touch with some people, but hey, email is still there, so it was not a problem.

Due to bandwith problems in the NixNet’s Pleroma instance, I felt obligated to go to another Pleroma instance to stay at the Fediverse. For now on, you can find me at During my time at NixNet, I want to thank Amolith for allowing me to stay there with all the people I met. He is an amazing guy and an amazing sysadmin!

That would be all, see you in the next status!