Status update, July 2021

on captainepoch's log


It is time to another montly-more-like-bi-monthly status update!

There was not any really important stuff going on in my life to make updates right now. I am working in a couple of things in my spare time (which is very minimal) but nothing ready for you to see.

Following the post On ethics using analytics, I started working on an Android project to try and implement the same points I made. The idea is to put Matomo and ACRA inside the application, so if you are working on a project with those technologies, you can put analytics in an ethical way for you and your users. The project will be open for everyone to see when the first version is ready!

Regarding this blog, I also added a drafts section, so if you are curious to see what I am writting or I put something to review, you can look at it and its progress. For now it has a couple of things I want to write while I do the project I mentioned before, but I also put down some ideas to write in the future in my to-write list. I also want to make a review of all of my posts to put a common format before the list grows any longer, so if you are subscribed to my RSS, I apologize beforehand for the flood in your RSS reader!

Regarding life in general, and I encourage this for you too, I started taking healthy habits of life, like getting up of the chair and starting exercising for 1 hour (almost) every day, combined with healthy food, I am expecting to loose some weight and improve my health. I also started playing the guitar again, which is something I wanted to do for the last couple of years!

That would be all, see you in the next status!