Status update, October 2021

on captainepoch's log


This month has not been one in which a lot of things happened.

I plan to release the first beta version of Husky this weekend. I did a couple of fixes, and I have to polish a bit how I am going to release the betas over the stable versions, using the same package name or a different one.

The second approach presents the problem that there is not any export-and-import functions yet in Husky to port settings from the beta to the stable version, so it might be a burden to the user to change between them. On the other side, if I use the same package name, an user cannot go back to a stable version from a newer beta version, so the user must setup the application from scratch again.

If you read this and have any comment, please drop an email at

I am also redacting the second part of me being a maintainer of a project (altough I would like to get more time for the project), and it will be published next week, along a couple of things more.

That would be all, see you in the next status!