Status update, November 2021

on captainepoch's log


Another month in 2021, another status message!

After a month of hiatus and another stuff in real life I started working again in Husky. I made a few commits this weekend, nothing really important, but I started planning the refactor I want to make in the application. More will come in future posts, because this is a huge thing to make and I want to document everything as a diary to write my experiences.

Also, next week I will publish the second part of my first time maintaining a project (it is a draft now, you can look for it at

In the meantime, I am also making another project from scratch (another Android application), for another thing. I will publish an alpha as soon as I have make a couple of things in it and, from there, I will plan what features to add. More in the future, maybe 2022, we will see. Of course, it will be FOSS and available at

Outside of the programming world I planned to publish more stuff in the blog, both technical and non-technical stuff. A few ideas are drafts now (some might be deleted, some might not), and I am always looking for more to do.

That would be all, see you in the next status!