2021 recap

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This post comes a bit late, it should be done first thing this year or on december 31st, but anyway, it is never too late.

2021 was one of the weirdest years I lived. A lot of things happened, good and bad, but in the end, we are still alive!

Professional development

2021 was a year of professional development. As I am working right now as an Android hacker I have to keep up with new stuff (with new stuff I mean stuff I do not already know, like RxJava).

The Android development world is full of stuff to learn. But when you work in a company with projects made a long time ago, you find this kind of problems:

  • Making a refactor is not possible due to time constraints. You have to keep up releasing new versions with fixes and new stuff, and since everything works, making huge changes is something very difficult to acomplish.
  • Adding new libraries that could contain potential bugs is also difficult, since the Tech Lead/Project Owner, normally, does not want to play games.

This makes sometimes difficult to learn new stuff at work. When the project is new, sure, you can start from more new stuff, like Kotlin’s Coroutines instead of RxJava, using MVVM instead of MVP/MVI… But when the project is old, you have to keep the “legacy” stuff around.

That is why I started to learn more stuff that it is been around for a long time, because you never know where you are going to end working.

Other programmer stuff

I also have been working in other projects with other programming languages, maybe some of them will see the light of the FOSS world, maybe not, I did not decided it yet.

I do not keep my scope only in Android, because I love to learn and experiment a lot, that means I also have to learn new programming languages and ways to do things that can be done in one platform but not in another.

Husky maintenance

As you already know, I started maintaining Husky. The past year, even with huge leaps of time, the project continued to receive (small) updates. Right now I am working on the 1.1.0-beta1 version, which will come with ACRA support for reporting random crashes.

Husky reached the version 1.0.2. As you can see in its HISTORY, there were a few changes into the application. You can download this version going to the 1.0.2 tag.

I also made a simple website, so the domain I have asigned to the project has something to show (husky.adol.pw).

Apart from adding new stuff to the current application I am also making a refactor of the application itself to provide a more maintenable source code. The first version of this will be the 2.0.0-alpha1. My intentions with this is that, when you update from 1.X.Y to 2.0.0, everything is still working as intended. Like I said in posts here before, patches will be accepted but new features will not be likely implemented (except the necessary ones).

I am also working of making my own F-Droid repository to serve the application faster than using the official ones. a1ba and sn0w gave me the idea, so kudos to them!


My blog consist, mostly, of status updates, which most of them do not provide any insighful stuff to read about anything, really… But they make me accountable of what I say I am doing or will do.

Last year I almost made the 12 months (I missed january, march, june and december). This yeah I will make the 12 months, because it is something that keeps me writing here.

But this year I want to write more stuff here. Not only status, but also opinions about things (like On ethics using analytics), technical stuff related to hacking stuff, research that I think it could be useful to someone…

I got a list of topics I collected and I hope to elaborate them through this year, and I also hope for more ideas in the future!

Gemini? Gopher?

I see a lot of people jumping on the Gemini ship nowadays.

I personally do not use it, nor I use other similar things like Gopher, but I see why people are using it.

I might do a PoC of my theme and this blog to put it in a Gemini capsule for those who want to see my website through it. If it is worth it, I might get it also in Gopher.

Other stuff in life

Since us, programmers, spend a lot of time sitting up, we tend to gain weight and not caring for our health so much. This happened to me, not only for this. This is why I started to do more excercise and start taking seriously this matter. If you are in the same situation, I hope you find the will to start exercising, little by little, to not get overwhelmed or hurt (this is important if you did not do excercise in a long time).

Another important part of this process is also taking care of your mental health. It is very important to take it seriously. If you need help, ask for it, there are a ton of people that can help you.

That would be all, see you in the next status!1

  1. This does not count as the january status post. ↩︎