Maintaining my first project: part III

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It is been a while since I wrote Maintaining my first project: part II, some stuff happened with Husky!

More reports!

As I am more known in the community as the new maintainer of Husky a lot of people reach me there to report bugs in the application. I am thankful for getting those reports (somehow) because it means more people is using the latest version and they can see if something fails.

Remember that Husky is a Pleroma client, and many things may be broken because not every instance is set up the same way. Some bugs are instance-specific, some are not. I try my best to fix everything without breaking the functionality in the rest of the instances.

Future for bug reports

As I love that people are using the newest version of Husky and I get those bug reports, I also get them through my Pleroma account. But…

I know, email… You hate email…

But I really prefer getting those in my email inbox. Sure, you do not want to send an email to a public mailist. But you do not have to do that!

At the Reporting bugs documentation I put two ways to send me reports:

  • Through the husky-devel mailist at Sourcehut (the preferred way).
  • Using the email husky (at) nixnetmail (dot) com.

The second way is as private as I am the only person I receive emails through that account. So you can send there any bug report (or patchset), nobody is going to know your email address.

If it is a bug, only the relevant part of the report is going to be published in the todo tickets in order to track the status of the bug or the task, but nothing more.

So, for now on, I am going to prioritize bug reports that I get using email rather than those I receive through Pleroma. Think of this as GitHub issues, for me it is a way to keep things better organized. I get, sometimes, a lot of mentions there and sometimes I forget about reports there (sorry if you are one of those persons…).

To-Do list

As I mentioned above, Husky has a todo tickets list. This is not very thorough, as I did not give it the attention it needs. The list is a bit old, I have to add bugs that were reported to me recently, but once I add those, I will keep it updated.

From now on, every bug report I get from email or Pleroma will be posted there, with a tag and, inside the ticket, the expected version to get it fixed.

Before sending any email, please, check that list.

F-Droid when?!

Ah… The dreaded question… The enigma!

As far as I know, as soon as I restore fastlane in the project it will be possible to update Husky at F-Droid again, so you can update the application without uninstalling it (because of the signing key).

Stay tuned because I am working on this. Did you think I forgot about that?

Refactoring the whole application

I know I said this a lot of times since I started maintaining the application, but Husky needs a refactor (a big one).

I started working on it (flavor newhusky) in my (little) spare time. The idea is to release a 2.0.0-alpha1 as soon as I complete the basic stuff to release it. This will take time, so do not worry right now. I will ask people to help me testing it. But, again, do not worry about it right now.


I will review the documentation I made for Husky the next week. I have the feeling I might be able to improve it a little bit. Nothing really relevant to the application, but relevant for contributors.

For now…

This is for now. I do not have to say more, really. It might take a while to write the fourth part of this series.

Thank you for keep reading!