Status update, May 2022

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This is early for a status update, but since I did not write any for two months, I do not really care about

This past two months I did not have really anything to update the blog. Life continued as nothing and nothing really important happened.

Regarding Husky development, there was a couple of fixes here and there and it seems that they made a positive reaction from the community. I am very thankful to all the people who test the application and send me bugs and crashes, so I can fix them and improve the app for everyone. Kudos to all of you!

Second: I have been thinking about migrating forges. The main reason is that, sometimes, I need to see a video/GIF or an image related to a bug and the mailist does not allow media content attached to it. Sure, an user can upload that content to a service and send the link, but it is not optimal (partially because that service could delete that media content at any time if it is not accessed in a period of time).

I can also argue that the user could, at any moment, delete that media content from that service and then the mailist will not have the whole context of the issue. And you can also argue that you can delete the same content from an issue created at GitHub or GitHub-like platform.

Some people told me to use the Fediverse as a platform to gather bugs. I am not going to do that at any time whatsoever. Those are social networks, not platforms to manage a project. Therefore, avoid to suggest that again to me, please, the answer will be always no1.

I tested, in disposable repositories, both GitHub and Codeberg. In GitHub, an image is put inside the issue as a link to a (kind of) CDN, while at Codeberg an image is just uploaded and attached to an issue, but not embeded into the text of the issue (I do not know why). Also, at GitHub you cannot delete the file attached to an issue, only unlink it, and at Codeberg you can delete the file itself.

Another reason is that people do not want to use email nowadays. It does not take a big effort to ask for an email, but I almost got none when I do. I know, I know, almost everyone has an email, but not everyone wants to put it publicly (although you can create an email address just to have it publicly, like I have and you can check it out at Also, people do not want to setup an email client to send emails with fixed width and in plaintext.

I mean no disrespect towards Sourcehut whatsoever. I think it is a fantastic platform and Drew and all the contributors are making a really good platform.

This is just a thought at this moment. It is something that, I think, could improve the development of Husky in the long term. If you have something to comment on this, please use the public inbox linked down below, it is my comment inbox, I do not have another nor will use another platform to reply comments to my articles! (please, be sure to setup your email client properly before sending anything).

On other FOSS news, I started to look for projects in which I could give a helping hand. The idea is to contribute with stuff I can do in a sort time, so my time working in Husky and other private projects is maximized, while contributing and giving back to the FOSS programmers that made possible all the software we use. From here, thank you all!

Take this status update like the update from march, april and may, since this was long overdue because I did not have anything to share until now.

That would be all, see you in the next status!

  1. If you need to upload something for sharing it with an email, use or any service that allows to host content for the maximum period of time. If you do it with some service that only holds the files for, let’s say, 24 hours, I may not be able to see it in the future. ↩︎