Maintaining my first project: part V, the return

on captainepoch's log

On May 9, 2022 I wrote the fourth part of this series of posts. This post came as a result of a bad day and complaints about how I manage Husky (by using the email and SourceHut, mainly).

The decision of ending the maintenance of Husky was a rash decision. It was something I did not think about properly and with time, and it was made in a bad moment of the day. I wrote that post and amolith helped me redacting part of it in a better way.

After thinking about it for this past days I realized that I did not want to end working on Husky. It is fun to do stuff in it, and I enjoy talking with people about it in the Fediverse. I am also learning a lot, specially working along people, which is something I do in my day-to-day work, but this feels different.

So, this morning, I woke up, and after a cup of coffee I fixed an issue that was bothering me in Husky (see husky#17). And it felt good. There is a lot of work on Husky to be done and I do not want the development of the app to be stalled.

That is why I decided to keep working on Husky.

Let me be clear from this very moment: I intend to keep using SourceHut as the platform of development of Husky. That means that the main form of communication to report bugs and discuss design issues and such things will be the mailist, publicly. And contributing to the project will be done with patches sent to the mailist, also publicly.

If you do not want to send emails to the mailist, that is more than fine, I am not going to force you to do it. And, if you need to send media content for reporting an issue, catbox.moe is a good service (there are more, bear in mind the time limit).

ACRA will still be available for you to send crashes. The email address is still up. I do not attend bugs reported there, though, only crashes reported with ACRA. Check if you have this enabled.

In the upcoming days I will update the todo tracker to add issues from the old issue tracker in order to keep track of what it is already fixed or what issues will not be fixed (and, thus, not added to the todo list).

I am sorry for all the noise this caused to all of the users.

On a last note, I want to thank every user that helps me improving Husky, whether it is reporting issues, gathering information for a bit of research, or testing new releases.