Status update, September 2022

on captainepoch's log


The past month was not a really espectacular one, since I took some time off of everything (not only programming, but also in life) to rest. Work has been excruciantly tiresome and it was something needed (even at this moment it is).

In Husky-related news I started two (big) changes. First one is the UnifiedPush provider for push notifications. I started adding it into Husky, so current and new users would be able to get notifications through a proper provider, rather than a custom implementation of this kind of thing. The idea is to allow only push notifications through this, and if the user does not have any push provider, there will be not any notifications (thus saving battery).

The other (big) change is removing Dagger from Husky for Koin. This is something that does not affect the user, more for developers. The reason is that, in time, Husky will become a single-activity application, and then, the library simple-stack will be used for navigation and injecting dependencies, since it has a service locator integrated in it, thus making Dagger unnecessary, and Koin is the middle-ground for this migration. Also, because the current Dagger implementation is a big messy, it allows me to clean code and organize the DI in a better way.

All of this changes are planned for the 1.4.0 version. There is not any ETA whatsoever, it will be ready when it is done.

On other development news, this past week the application andOTP is not longer maintained. I think this application is important and should not be left behind, and that is why I am thinking on making my own copy and try to keep it stable and working (if it does not take much time).

For more “tech” related news, I am migrating my website and my IRC bouncer to SourceHut. I consider that SourceHut is mature enough to handle this stuff, and because I already pay for my srht account, it does not make really sense to self-host this when I can do the same with and If I even leave SourceHut or it just stop providing those services, I will be back with my VPS provider to self-host this again.

On non-tech news, I started to meditate. I have been researching about this topic for a while, given the benefits it has for the body and the mind, and I decided to give it a try, since I need to sleep and, lately, I have not been able to rest properly. The idea is to go from 5 minutes at night to half an hour, and if possible, also in the mornings (so one hour each day). The goal is not only for sleeping, but also to be relaxed and lose the added stress of the day. I will let you know how it goes.

That would be all, see you in the next update!