Status update, November 2022

on captainepoch's log


This has been another stalled month in terms of productivity. There is nothing interesting to tell you about, but nevertheless, I wrote the mandatory status update.

I am looking for some FOSS project(s) to contribute. Given that my main development platform is Android, I am looking into issues I can contribute on applications I use on a daily basis (i.e. NewPipe, Husky). I am also a bit conflicted myself with whether it is alright for me to review code from other people or not (in an email or a PR) given that I am not a maintainer, nor a collaborator, of most of the apps I use.

I use a lot of Free and Open Source Software and it would be good to give back to the community somehow. I know that there are more issues than only code, but it is what I do.

In the previous status, I wrote:

Another new is that I am going to try to write more stuff about technical topics […]

I have a couple of posts in my backlog as ideas to write in the future. At this moment, one of those ideas is being drafted: a post regarding Android and the wave of using the Clean Architecture for Android applications (although it could be applied to any platform where it is used). Not really a technical post, but related to it.

I also updated the theme of this website because of a suggestion given to me at the IRC channel (at Now, in every post (not page) you will see, at the right of the date, the main page linked. That is because someone told me that going back to the index was not intuitive, so you can go back easily from now on.

Regarding this blog, I also decided to delete the description field of all my posts. I do not see its usefulness, and all of my posts will not have it from now on. Old posts will be modified to delete the field as well. Pages are included.

On november 11th, 2022, I updated the Privacy Policy for this website to reflect that it is hosted at SourceHut Sites from now on until further notice. The gist of it is: I do not collect any data and do not have cookies or any tracking software in my website (nor I intend to). This is the commit regarding this change.

That would be all, see you in the next status!