Status update, December 2022

on captainepoch's log


This past month it did not happen a lot, but nevertheless, here is the last status update of the year.

On the programming side of things, I went back to work on Husky. The project received some patches and I am glad to see people getting into the email workflow within the project. The app still needs a refactor for some stuff people are asking to add into the project, but I am confident enough to be able to manage all of that, in time. When? Soon(tm).

On more stuff related to the programming world, I also managed to get back to Emacs and revamp my config to feel comfortable enough using it as my main editor. I am not going to lie, it was a bit of a challenge, but nevertheless, everything is working fine. There is still some stuff to fix, but for what I do on a daily basis, it works flawlessly. In fact, this is the first post written in the blog with my new Emacs config.

Since my Emacs config has aspell support, I also fixed some typos in the title of the statuses posts, and it might triggered your RSS feed if you have my blog added to it. Sorry about that!

I also added a new section of blogs I recommend reading, and that list may get longer as soon as I discover a new blog I like reading. You can access to it by going to

For the next year I planned to contribute to more FOSS projects, specially if they are Android applications (since is my main programming platform), but I also would like to get outside of my comfort zone and contribute to other projects. I will document my process through that experience too, since it could be useful for first-time contributors who do not take the first step.

And, before you go, an important announcement: I will migrate all my repositories and projects from Sourcehut to Codeberg in the following days (including Husky). Over the last year I tried to make myself comfortable with the email workflow, but over time, I felt that workflow is not suitable for me.

I do still believe, however, that Sourcehut is an impressive ecosystem, and that you should try it to learn another way of working, you might even change it to your normal workflow. My post Why did I choose SourceHut? still applies.

However, I am not leaving entirely the platform. Because I want Sourcehut to be a successful forge, I will continue using it with some repositories and I will continue paying my account.

I want to thank Drew DeVault and the whole Sourcehut community for always being there when I have doubts or questions, and for being a healthy community of hackers.

That would be all, see you in the next status!