2022 recap

on captainepoch's log

Hello there!

This post will be the last one this year. I planned on doing it a bit earlier, but life get in the way.

Last year I posted the 2021 recap, in which I detailed some of the things I went through 2021. Nevertheless to say, this year went not as I planned either.

Professional development

This past year was one in which my professional career was kept almost at the same spot as last year. I did not really learn new stuff, which is a bad thing since this world evolves within the minute.

I tried to put time into a project I have for this case (captainepoch/marvelapi), but other things in life with more priority took my time away and it didn’t happen in the end. For this year, I want to revamp this project, complete the TODO list, and apply all the knowledge I get there into Husky, or from Husky into this project.

For example, I want to touch some things of the architecture, I also want to migrate from Koin to Dagger Hilt, and at some point, I would love to add Compose to the project and keep some parts of the application with Compose, and some with the traditional XML layouts (or just migrate to a full-Compose application).

Speaking of Husky, this year was a bit of a mess, from my end, as the maintainer of the project. But I learnt from my mistakes, and for 2023 I have a new point of view of things and the project will continue its path with interesting stuff I have in my mind.

Other programming stuff

This year I also started again to revamp my Emacs configuration. There are great all-in-one solutions for this, like Doom Emacs if you do not want to deal yourself with a ton of stuff, but since I already had a base, I only needed to review some of it and improve it (or remove it).

At this moment, except for a few things here and there and the Python configuration, I can say I am enjoying using Emacs.

So VSCodium is now my second editor, but I plan to ditch it. I hate Electron apps.

Changing forges

This year was also the year I migrated from SourceHut to Codeberg. As I mentioned in the December monthly status, the big reason for this change was that I did not manage to be comfortable with the email-based workflow. I still think that SourceHut has a lot of potential, and you should give it a try and find if it suits you or not.

As I also mentioned, I will keep my account there and provide economic support (paying my account) because I want the project to be successful and alive.

I also want to give a big “Thank you!” to Drew DeVault and the whole SourceHut community. They were nothing but helpful with everything I asked and they did not hesitate in spend a few minutes replying my (more than noob) questions. I hope I am able to participate more in the IRC channels in the future.

The future of this blog

In the past recap I said I wanted to write more in my blog than monthly status updates. Well, I failed in this, because I did not have a high number of topics to talk about.

For this year I will try to write those 12 posts (monthly status updates does not count) from different topics. They could be about privacy, personal opinions, technical posts related to any programming.

Things in life

This year I also had my very personal objectives to reach, such as weight loss, reading more books and comics, play more games, and so on.

I am able to report that I satisfied all of them, and this year, I have more (some of them are a second part).

2023, here we go

I do not have so much to say from this year. It is been a hectic one, for sure, specially in life.

I wish you a very happy new year, and I hope you managed to fulfil your 2022 New Year Resolutions and made your 2023 New Year Resolutions!

That would be all, see you in the next status!