Status update, June 2023

on captainepoch's log


This monthly status came a bit late, but nevertheless, here it is.

Husky-related news, the implementation for UnifiedPush support is going well. Husky is able now to get notifications not polling each N minutes but using a UnifiedPush provider from now on. That means, if you do not install a valid UnifiedPush provider, you will not get any push notifications.

Also, instance capabilities was added as a feature into Husky, enabling (in the future) the ability to set up features on Husky that are only enabled in one instance, but not in others, or just setup proper limits (i.e. the max. items you can upload while composing a status). For now it is only at the “Edit profile” view, but more to come.

Outside of Husky but related to programming, I am looking for projects to start contributing in my (so little) spare time. I saw that nowadays having contributions on projects can make you a candidate worth hiring in some companies, and I think it is also an opportunity to give back something to the FOSS community.

I also have another project related to Jetpack Compose that a friend of mine suggested, and I am taking it seriously because it could be useful for someone in the future, when Jetpack Compose is more extended. For now it is an idea, but time will tell.

On other non-programming news, I had the opportunity to make an email address with my domain, so I took it. My email is now updated at the Contact page, along the GPG key. I still have to migrate some accounts, but it is something I am doing one by one.

I want to give my thanks, yet again, to Amolith, for being my email provider for a long time, and being a great admin when I had any problems whatsoever. Thank you, man!

That would be all, see you in the next status!