Status update, October 2023

on captainepoch's log


It has been a while since I wrote my last status post.

The truth is that I do not want to keep writing this kind of posts. The reason is that it turned my blog in almost a “Status update, ” feed of posts that are not that really interesting to read.

So I decided to stop writing those posts. This will be the last one, with an exception that I might write one if something really interesting happens (which is not something common).

I might keep writing the yearly recap, because it is a good way to make a retrospective of the year.

I want to focus to write interesting stuff about topics I find interesting It might be about privacy issues, or Android stuff, or something I find amazing with C or Go… I know I said this many times, but seeing the feed this last week made me realize that it is something it needs to be done.

You can follow my shenanigans at my Fediverse account if you are interested, or contact me via email (check it at

That would be all, see you!