Satus update, january 2022


First status of the year!

I do not have that much to share this month. I also did not want to start the year by missing a status update.

I am getting close to get ACRA implemented in Husky. I am debating myself about a thing regarding how to enable it (it is an opt-in feature) to let the SDK know that it can start working or not.

Also, I have to say that I received my first patch for Husky courtesy of Edward Sneed. I am happy about this, because it is the first time I got a contribution. Thank you very much, Edward!

I intend to apply the patch as soon as I finish adding ACRA in the project.

Apart from that, I intend to write more in this blog. I said in the 2021 recap post I wrote, that I do not what this blog to be only status updates. My idea is to write technical topics about software engineering, research I consider good enough to publish, and stuff like that. Stay tuned for more posts!

That would be all, see you in the next status!

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